Founded in year of 1984, Color Rich Limited is one of the most famous soft-toy suppliers in Hong Kong. With our strong experience in sourcing, retail and export, Color Rich has been gaining popularity among the plush toy industry. We product range covers 60% of worldwide market. Therefore, it is easy to look for a particular type of plush toy in our product catalogue. On retail business, our experienced buying team has tight and well-established connections with manufacturers in Mainland China. This enables us to catch the trend of the market and preserve our competitiveness. Retrospectively, we were successful for many times in predicting what kind of plush toys will become popular. This boosts the confidence of our close manufacturer to invest in large volume production for us.

To cope with the changes in this dynamic market, we recently transformed some of our retail shops into online shops on social media applications such as IG, Facebook and HKTV so that plush lovers can reach our products without the need to approach the physical shop. This gives an convenient alternative to our royal customers.

Apart from this, export business also contributes a sustantial portion of our revenue. Every year, we export over 4 million pieces of plush items all over the world. Color Rich is joining over 10 trading exhibitions in Hong Kong and overseas every year since 1995.
Teddy Bears & Soft Toys
Color Rich lauches over 1,000 items every year. Apart from the traditional bean bag bears, we have series of lovable plush animals available.
Some of our plush animals are dressed in a wide range of attires like school uniforms, sportswear, pajamas, Christmas costumes in knitting chenille yarn which can then be made into patterned sweater, scarves etc.

Plush items With Functions
During recent years, Color Rich promotes a series of household plush items or items with some functions such as cushions, slippers, warmer bags and carpets so as to cope with the customers’ needs.
With our unique design and quality, these items are not only selling very well in local market, these trendy items are also gaining popularity in the export business. We have our different animal developed in the following necessities and they are very popular in our export, wholesale and retail business.
Apart from retail and export business, wholesale items are also available for retails customers. Customers can select a variety of stock items at small order amount.
In the recent years, Color Rich has been exhibiting in the mainland China trade shows. Aiming the big China market, we have started to develop the wholesale business in mainland and we have our own office in Shanghai.
Color Rich Stores
In the meantime, we have “Color Rich” stores in Hong Kong and Macau. The image of wooden shelves mixed with colorful plush toys stores are gaining familiarity among the Hong Kong youth aduit.
Teddy bears, plush animals and our household items have appealed the people from all walks of like and different age groups. But we would also expect the majority of the visitors to be university students, the young office ladies from early 20’s to mid 30’ as well a young couples. Parents to their kids would also generate huge crowds during the weekend. Meanwhile, we also attract plush collectors to visit our shops.
Actually, we target to attract high potential customers.
In each Color Rich store, a teddy wardrobe containing different clothes with varied sizes are available for customer to change the look of their beloved teddies.
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